3 Pairs of Drumsticks HIKCORY PERCH RANDOM, Hickory, 5B, nature | SKU 50114

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The hickory drumsticks are very popular because of the nice and easy rebound. The allround HICKORY PERCH RANDOM sticks by klangbeisser suit perfectly if you want to be open for all kind of music styles.

3 x Drumsticks HICKORY PERCH RANDOM aus Hickory, 5B, natur   +0,00 EUR

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27,90 EUR
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3 Pairs of Drum Sticks HICKORY PERCH RANDOM produced by DiMavery for klangbeisser

  • Size: 5 B
  • Material: hickory, natural
  • Tip: wooden, oval
  • Recommended for example for playing on drum set BLACK KNIGHT
  • The hickory wood is very popular by a lot of drummers because they're easy to play with and suitable for all kind of styles and rhythms


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